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How it works

• Experienced trademark lawyers will contact you and clarify the relevant scope
• Our trademark lawyers conduct the trademark search, select the relevant trademarks and send the report to you
• your questions regarding the search report will be answered by phone or email
• Fixed flat fees. No hidden costs. Guaranteed.

Why is it reasonable to search for prior trademarks?

Please note that TMcheck does a preliminary search. However, an online search will not reveal all relevant information about previously registered trademarks. It’s possible that others have an older similar trademark, entitling them to object to the use and registration of your proposed trademark. In a worst-case scenario, you can be forced to stop the use of your mark and can be held liable for infringing on the prior right of another party.

There are other factors that could affect your trademark registration possibilities such as:

  • Other similar trademarks in your class,
  • Other similar trademarks in related classes,
  • How generic is your trademark.

We strongly recommend requesting a Trademark Comprehensive Study report that addresses these additional factors.

Our Trademark Comprehensive Study will not only list similar trademarks that may conflict with yours, but also give you an Attorney’s opinion about registration possibilities. This trademark search report is optional but highly recommended.

If you are clear about your registration possibilities and you want to disregard the other aspects that could affect your trademark registration, you can proceed with the registration process link

What to expect from the trademark search?

As a result of the trademark search, we will send you an extensive search report drawn up based on the specific search criteria for verbal and visual elements. We will not only list similar trademarks that may conflict with yours, but will also give you our expert opinion on the registration possibilities. Our trademark search service also includes an attorney opinion letter, which explains the search results and how they may affect your trademark rights and the trademark registration process.