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German Trademark Lawyers file your US Trademark in Europe Save $500 over typical lawyer fees! Unlike other US law firms that may hire regional attorneys to manage your international filing in Europe we assist you direct on low fees with the registration of your mark in Europe.

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MORE THAN 3000 Trademarks has a loyal and growing client base. The success of is a result of its intimate focus on every client, regardless of size or status. We represent businesses and enterpreneurs of all sizes from all countries around the world. Our clients include athletes, the automobile industriy, celbreties, startups, movie studios, musicians, record labels, artists and venture capital firms.

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We are established based in Minuch Germany and Irvine California.
Anwalt24 AG “Lawyer24 Inc” is the first stock corporation of advocates admitted by the Munich bar association & law firm of the year 2017 German Trademark Law

Benefits of registering a trademark

Protects your brand value
Builds an asset
Defends against rival marks
Defines your rights
Prevents counterfeiting and fraud

Benefits of registering a European Union trademark

A single registration filed online, in one language – is valid in all EU member States.
The EU trademark gives its owner an exclusive right in all current and future EU Member States at a reasonable cost.
You can enforce your trademark in a merket of almost 500 million customers.
An EU trademark is valid for 10 years. It can be renewed indefinitely, 10 years at a time for each renewal.

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Copyright law of the European Union

The copyright law of the European Union has arisen in an attempt to harmonise the differing copyright laws of European Union member states. It consists of a number of directives, …

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  • Trademark notice monitoring and status updates for 1 year plus forms package (e.g. transfer agreement).

Trademark Filing Service

3 classes (goods/services) included
  • You only need to pay this tradmark filing fees now. All government fees (approx. 1100 $ - depending on the exchange rate) are charged when we will submit the application to the trademark office.

Urgent Express Processing

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  • If your trademark needs to be filed immediately we will accelerate the entire filing process.

Trademark Search

Professional & Comprehensive
  • We recommend you to do a professional trademark search before your mark is filed: whether your trademark is generic or descriptive or as for instants similar trademarks in related classes there are various factors that could affect your trademark registration possibilities.